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Oil Filter Cross Reference
Oil Filters Brand Part Number Home Page Baldwin  B1400                                       M/C Carquest  85358 Fram  PH6017A                                  M/C Napa Gold  1358  (Made by Wix)                M/C Perf-form  PFJ503                                     M/C ......
●●●● Last Update: 2012-08-31 Views: 21936
Royal Star Venture Reviews
Sometimes its just fun to sit back and read what others have written about the RSV. I got tired of not having the links in one place so I put them ......
●●● Last Update: 2010-10-26 Views: 33678
Owners Manuals for Star Motorcycles 1998 to Present
The link below will take you to a page on The Star Motorcycles website. From that page you can access the owners manual for most Star Motorcycles built since 1998. The ......
●● Last Update: 2010-04-24 Views: 6225
Part Numbers 101
I\'ve received a few emails asking if a certain part can be replaced with another with a similiar part number. This is what I\'ve found poking through the parts fiches over ......
●● Last Update: 2009-02-14 Views: 5246
Trailering A Venture
This article was taken from the forum archives and was originally posted  9/4/2005 by BobW. How to trailer your RSV 1) Ratchet strap on each side front fork tube, with a ......
●●●● Last Update: 2007-11-25 Views: 12466
Tool Size/Torque Spec List
Below is a list of tool sizes and torque specifications commonly used while working on your Royal Star Venture. RSV Torque Specs & Tool Sizes Rear Wheel, Brake, Shock and Swingarm ......
●●●●● Last Update: 2007-03-15 Views: 10050
WARNING: Metzeler Stage 1 Tire Upgrade
While at the Honda Hoot, I decided my rear tire wouldn\'t be good enough to get me home. Especially since I will be pulling a trailer back. So, I went over ......
●●●● Last Update: 2007-02-22 Views: 10306
RSV Key Information
RSV Key InformationFrom Members Forum I just had my ingnition repaced under warranty. No problems with getting local dealer to repace it even though I bought the bike used, privately and ......
Not Rated Last Update: 2006-12-02 Views: 6741
Harley Tail light Bracket Support
Harley Tail light Bracket Support I was cleaning my bike up the other night to prepare it for our tour this week. As I was looking around under the trunk, I ......
●●●●● Last Update: 2006-07-10 Views: 7448
Easier Access Tire Valvestems.
A week or so ago, I had a couple new tires installed, and after some discussion here, I decided to have my factory right angled valve stem on the back wheel ......
●●●● Last Update: 2005-04-05 Views: 9635
Chroming Engine Cooling Fins
Chroming Engine Cooling FinsBy Kent Ailes Well I was bound and determined to get my fins chromed and I was trying to avoid painting between the fins. A local shop that ......
●●●● Last Update: 2005-01-17 Views: 9100
How to use a Sears or similar lift with the RSV.
Hi, I have a 2000 Royal Star Venture and was wondering if anyone has used a sears motorcycle jack with their bike. I got one for Christmas and didnt know how ......
●●●● Last Update: 2004-09-28 Views: 19354
Set-Up And Predelivery Checklist
Not Rated Last Update: 2004-09-26 Views: 5812
Painting Engine Cooling Fins
Painting Engine Cooling FinsBy Jeff Rock I got bored the other day and tried this modification that the K&N factory repesentive had done on his 99 Venture. It didn\'t sound too ......
●●●● Last Update: 2004-09-26 Views: 10372

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