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The Marshall Mod - Better RSV Antennas
One of The Venturers MC\'s long time members, Marshall Gammon, has perfected an antenna replacement modification commonly refered to as The Marshall Mod. Marshall has provided very detailed information regarding this ......
●●●●● Last Update: 2012-03-08 Views: 14901
Fix For Missing Rear PTT Button
Fix for missing rear PTT button I guess I didn\'t loctite mine enough because the passenger PTT button worked itself off somewhere between Spearfish and Sioux Falls. Here\'s a $1.12 fix ......
●●●●● Last Update: 2009-05-26 Views: 7777
Cassette Deck to Storage Conversion
Don\'t use your cassette deck? Want to make use of the wasted space it takes up? Then try this mod submitted by one of our members, Trac. Convert your cassette deck ......
●●●● Last Update: 2008-01-13 Views: 15246
Adding CB to Non-US RSV
Adding a CB Radio to non-US Royal Star Venture by Olivier Verdonck The stereo / CB head unit is located under the front fairing.  All the components have DIN plugs (not ......
●●●● Last Update: 2006-03-09 Views: 5915
Fitting OEM CB To Non-US RSV
FITTING OEM CB TO NON-US MODEL RSV  I had an Australian model 99 RSV which does not come standard with CB.  This, I understand, is the same as the European models.  ......
●●● Last Update: 2006-03-09 Views: 8396
Splitting the AUX Jack
Installing splitter on Aux jack and hooking up MP3 Player   Take off fairing front as shown in this article:   Install a 1/8\" stereo splitter to the Aux plug hookup ......
●●● Last Update: 2006-02-06 Views: 11318
Installing a Kennedy Cellset MC/SP4
I decided I wanted to be able to use my cell phone while riding. Mainly to recieve calls since I often have young kids with sitters. I wanted something that would ......
●●●● Last Update: 2005-04-08 Views: 11666
Headset Pin Diagram
●●●● Last Update: 2005-02-04 Views: 8213
Clarion 6 CD Changer Options
The following is a collection of information taken from various messages posted to the Venturers forum regarding the 6 CD changers. Question: Is the CD changer offered by Yamaha the only ......
●●●● Last Update: 2005-01-22 Views: 18012
Removing Front Speakers
Removing Front Speakers To remove the front speakers from a Royal Star Venture, remove the fairing front as described here Fairing Removal Instructions Place the motorcycle securely on the side stand. ......
●●● Last Update: 2004-09-26 Views: 10552
Removing Rear Speakers
Removing Rear Speakers By BirddogPosted on Friday, April 30, 2004 - 08:29 pm:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. First remove the front and rear seat (you have to remove the front to get to the rear ......
●●●● Last Update: 2004-09-26 Views: 10194
J&M XM Satellite Radio Installation Kit
J&M XM Satellite Radio Installation Kit Manufacture: J&M Corp. Model No: DXM-MKHU Price: $299.99 URL: Web SiteSubmitted By: William Hawkins Description:   Everything that you need (except for the XM satellite receiver) ......
Last Update: 2004-09-26 Views: 9887

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