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1st Gen Manuals Available
Factory Service Manuals Available Yamaha factory service manuals for the 1st generation Venture are available at These links should take you to the order pages: 1983~1985 1986~1993 Manuals may also ......
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Assorted 1st Gen Venture Part Numbers
Assorted Yamaha & Aftermarket Part Numbers, submitted by JefferTaken from the web page, before the server change so not sure if it has been moved over since then. Thanks to ......
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1985 Serial Number Cutoff For Second Gear Problem
What was the serial number cutoff in the 1985 Model year where the second gear problem was fixed in production? I have a line on an \'85 and want to verify ......
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Odometer Failure Discussions
Hi, On my way to Davis Rally my odometer quit, still got the speedometer this an easy fix or should i wait tell riding season is over with/ Also have ......
Not Rated Last Update: 2006-09-24 Views: 4680
Lubricating Speedometer Cable
I\'m looking for recommendations to repair the \"howling\" speedometer on my \'84VR. When the temperature drops below 60 it darn near sounds like a fire truck and it does this at ......
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Wheel Bearing Check
Wheel Bearing Check Have you or any of your group had any trouble out of the rear wheel left side (driveshaft) wheel bearing?  My \'92 bike has 60K miles and I ......
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Painting Helmets
Painting HelmetsCertain paints will damage certain plastics. The laquer family will melt polystyrene. The stuff thats inside your helment. Most latex base paints won\'t. They are pretty safe. My advice is ......
Not Rated Last Update: 2004-09-26 Views: 3289
Mobil 1 Examined
Mobil 1 ExaminedThere are two basic varieties to Mobil 1. The lighter viscosity oils are marked \"energy saving\" or words to this effect; and are \"SJ\" rated oils. These oils have ......
Not Rated Last Update: 2004-09-26 Views: 5589
Assorted Yamaha Part Numbers
Assorted Yamaha Part NumbersHere are some part numbers from the paperwork that came with my 93 Royale, most of it VentureLine Chrome dressup items.  Don\'t know if most of these can ......
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What To Take Into Consideration When Buying A Used Venture
What To Take Into Consideration When Buying A VentureIf the bike has been sitting for several years you will need to: 1) change the tires as they will probably be dry ......
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Hank Went To The Shed Again Today
Hank Went To The Shed Again Today, Here\'s What He Came Up With! 10/26/97 Bob, went down to the shed today and opened up a couple of things to share ......
Not Rated Last Update: 2004-09-26 Views: 6480
Towing the Venture
  Towing the VentureI\'m considering buying a \"Bike Buddy\" which is a towing gizmo wherein the front wheel is put up on a platform and the rear wheel is on the ......
Not Rated Last Update: 2004-09-26 Views: 4900
Vibration Numbing Hands
Vibration Numbing Hands If your bike is making your hands numb, then it is likely that one of your carb slides needs inspecting. Generally, the Venture is less smooth than many ......
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