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1st Gen Venture Brake Caliper Parts Info
86-93 brake calipers parts The front brake calipers use different piston sizes left and right. The front left caliper uses 32 mm pistons. The front right caliper uses 34 mm pistons. ......
Last Update: 2013-07-28 Views: 7046
Paint on EBC Brake Pads
EBC Brake Pads & PaintRichard, I always replace with EBC pads. They are far better, in my opinion, than the Honda pads and are a lot easier on the rotors. There ......
Not Rated Last Update: 2004-09-26 Views: 3758
Filling Master Cylinder Tip
Filling Brake Master CylindersJust did a replace on all my fluids a week ago. One real handy tip is get a piece of battery drain hose and slip it over a ......
●●●● Last Update: 2004-09-26 Views: 7051
Improving Brake Pad & Feel
Brake Pad & FeelI always buy my brake pads at the local Yamaha dealer. He stocks various aftermarket brake pads. For your 1984, though, the biggest improvement in brake \"feel\" would ......
●●● Last Update: 2004-09-26 Views: 7294
Overheating Brakes
Overheating Brakes>I recently purchased a 1983 Venture Royal in great shape. The bike had not been rode for the last two years and the original braking system needed some attention. I ......
●●●● Last Update: 2004-09-26 Views: 4916
Bleed Screw Caps
Bleed Screw CapsHere is a silly item that I found hard to get - the rubber cap covering the bleed screw on my brake calipers. The Yamaha dealer only sells it ......
●●● Last Update: 2004-09-26 Views: 4633
Brake Level Indicator
Brake Level IndicatorsThe brake level indicator will turn on even though the fluid level in the front master cylinder shows \"full\" through the sight glass. I would open the lid and ......
Last Update: 2004-09-26 Views: 4983
Brakes Sticking
 Braking Problems hi, I am the proud owner of a 1200 tdk of 83 and I\'m having great problems with my brakes. I have had a new brakedisc (front) installed but ......
●●●● Last Update: 2004-09-26 Views: 7273

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