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How To Use Private Messages
  Author: Neil86
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Private messages (aka PM) allow members to contact one another without posting the message publicly on the forum. If you scan below the forum toolbar you will see a "x" new messages. If it reads 0, you have no unread messages in your Private message inbox.
1 new messages....if you click on this, it will take you to your Private message inbox. If you click on the subject line of the message, it will open up so you can read it. Once you have opened all the unread message(s), the message display will now show 0 new messages.

If you need to respond, to the Private message, you have the following options... on reply and it will autofill the subject of the initial message and the To:........ will be autofilled, and give a blank message body to compose. When complete, click on submit.
Quote....will quote the entire initial message, and then you add your own comments below, then click on submit.
Forward it to another member, by clicking Forward at bottom of message, and then typing in the exact member username in the Send To: section, then click on add, and the username will now appear above the message in the To:...... space. You can add to the forwarded message, then click on submit. can click on the Email button at bottom of the message and will open an email form to send.
Typically the Inbox has a limit of 50 messages, so if you do not clean them out, no new messages can arrive.

To start a new PM (not replying to an existing one) you can do it a few different ways.
If you see a forum post and you want to contact the member who posted it, you can click on the PM button, and it will open a new PM, with the To: autofilled, and the post quoted in the message body. This can be handy to remind them what was posted. If you wish you can highlight and delete the quote if the message is about something else. Complete your message, click on submit to send.
You can click on a member's profile button, when it opens. Look at their Contact section, click on their PM button and it will open a new PM, with the To: autofilled and a blank message body to complete and submit.
Lastly, you can select your PM page, and select Compose new message in the options, and you get a blank PM. Type in the member username exactly in the send to: section and click Add and the name should now appear in the To:field.
Type in a subject, compose, and submit.

You will notice when you submit a PM, it will first show up in your Outbox. This means the recipient has not yet read the PM. If you realize you need to edit the PM can still go to your outbox, retreive the PM and edit it, then resubmit or even delete it if need be.
Once the recipient has read your message, it moves from your Outbox to your Sent box.

If you find you don't notice you have private messages waiting you can add these features to alert you.
Go to your User Control Panel>>>Board preferences >>>Edit Global Settings>>>
Check yes to....Notify me on new private messages: The forum will email you that a private message has arrived and who sent it. You have to log into the forum and go to your PM inbox to read the message.
Check yes to Pop up window on new private message: When you log into forum, a pop up box alerts you that you have one or more new messages.
Click Submit to activate the changes to your prefences.

Last update: 03:19 AM Saturday, January 7, 2012

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Not a member? Join Today to see why so many say they are Proud to be a Venturer!

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