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Uploading Pictures into Forum Posts
  Author: Gary L Mace (Venturous)
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There are two methods of inserting pictures into your forum posts.

1. Create a link to a picture which is currently stored on the internet at another server. One of the more popular places to store pictures is Photobucket. For this method, please see the instructions located here:

2. Upload your picture directly to the Venturers server and have the software insert it into the post for you. Instructions for this method follow:

Uploading Pictures Using Our Forum Software

In order to keep website performance from being effected, the following restrictions are in place. These may be adjusted after we see how well it works:

1. All pictures uploaded must be 1024 X 768 pixels or less and max file size of 850 kb
Images over 640 pixels wide will be displayed as links to reduce horizontal scrolling. So, if you want your picture to display in the post and not simply a link to it, keep the width at 640 pixels or less.

2. Picture uploads will only be permitted in the following topic areas:
Venture Tech Talk 1982 to 1993
Venture/Tour Deluxe Tech Talk 1999 to later
General Tech Talk
Picture Folder
For Sale to Members Only 

Posts in the Picture Folder and For Sale to Members Only are set to auto delete after 30 days of no replies.

3. A maximum of 4 pictures per post allowed

How to use:

1. Under where you enter your message, look for a section named: UPLOAD PICTURES. This will appear only in the topic areas where picture uploads allowed.

2. In that section, click the BROWSE button to find and select the picture file you wish to upload.

3. Enter a short description of what the picture is.

4. Click the ADD ATTACHMENT button. Important: DO NOT click anything until after your picture has been recieved by the system. Your picture WILL NOT appear in the message box while entering your message. Instead, a new section will appear under the Upload Pictures section named POSTED ATTACHMENTS. This will show the file names and descriptions of the files you are uploading. All pictures appear at bottom of message after you submit it.

5. Repeat steps 1 through 4 to add another picture.

When you finish and are ready to send your post, click the SUBMIT button as you normally would.

Last update: 07:47 PM Wednesday, November 1, 2006

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