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Solving Login Problems
  Author: Gary L Mace (Venturous)
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I can't login to the website.

The purpose of this article is to help with login problems. Please read this article first to solve login problems. If nothing in this article helps, then please contact us for assistance.

First, if you are a newly registered user, you will recieve an email to the address you provided when you registered which contains a link that MUST be clicked in order to activate your account. So if you have not verified your account, your account will not yet be active and log in is not yet possible. 

If you are not a new member and have previously logged in, but are now experiencing difficulties, please try these common fixes.

  1. Clear your Venturers cookies. Look near the bottom of all forum pages for a link that reads Remove all cookies set by this forum. Click that and follow the easy instructions. Be sure to close ALL browser windows after you do this to complete the process. Re-open the browser and try to login again. This alone will solve 90% of most login problems.

  2. Clear ALL your cookies. If the above doesn't work, the next best thing to try is to delete ALL your cookies from with your browser. Each browser would do this differently, but here is how to do this from Internet Explorer. Click the Tools link in the I.E. menubar. Select Internet Options... On the General tab, find and click the button that reads Delete Cookies... Now close ALL browser windows. Re-open a browser window and re-try log in.

  3. Delete Stored Login Data. Double Left Click in the login box. If you have any stored user/password combinations, they should be listed in a drop menu. You may only have the one that shows your username. Now, move your mouse over that name. DON'T click it. It should now be highlighted. Hit your delete key on the keyboard. If more than one username appears, delete them all the same way. Now, close you browser, then reopen it. Go again to and type carefully your username and password. Check the box that reads Remember me. Your browser may bring up a pop-up window asking if you wish to store this password. If you are 100% you typed the password right.. choice yes.

  4. Verify Security Software Not at Fault. This may include Nortons Internet Security, McAfee Internet Security or probably countless others. If so, close down your email, browser and any other internet applications that could put you at risk. Now, disable your internet security program. I really can't tell you how to do this. It all depends on what you use. I use Nortons and it has a tray icon in the lower right. All I have to do is right click that icon, then select disable. Now, from the Start button in the lower left, click the Run command. In that type I do this so your browser opens straight to the Venturers sight which should be safe. DON'T GO SURFING AROUND UNTIL YOU RE-ENABLE SECURITY!! Now try to log-in. The purpose here is to see if the problem is your internet security settings somehow. Sometimes we just got to do the process of elimination. If you are able to log-in now, my advise would be to read the security help files to see if that could help you find out why it is blocking us and if that doesn't work, contact the security software company for tech help. Unfortunately there are just too many security packages for me to have a clue how they all work.

  5. Verify Firewalls Not at Fault. Often your firewall is part of the security package. Other times they could be a separate software package or maybe even part of your high speed router. If you are using a firewall not part of a security package mentioned above, try disabling that and attempting a login. If you are able to login with the firewall disabled, you will need to read your firewall help files or contact the firewall software company for assistance in resolving this.

  6. Internet Exporer Users. Override Cookie handling. Go to the Internet Explorer menubar and Click Tools. Then Privacy Tab. There should be a section that read Web Sites. Click the Edit button. In the managed sites box, if the venturers site is in already there, highlight, then remove it. Now, above that box is a box that reads Address of Web Site. Enter in the box, then click Allow. Now click the OK button.

  7. Internet Explorer Users. Privacy Settings. Go to the Internet Explorer menubar and click Tools, then Privacy tab. In the area that reads Settings, click the Advanced button. Check the box that reads: Override automatic cookie handling. Check the box under First-party cookies that reads Accept. Check the box under Third-party Cookies that reads Accept. Under all that, check the box that reads Always allow session cookies. Click the OK button.

  8. Verify Cap Locks not on. This may seem silly, but believe me, many folks make this mistake. Passwords are case sensitive. Be sure the problem isn't as simple as having the cap locks locked on.

  9. New Software. Have you added any new software, or updated any software recently that could be the problem. If so, disable that new or updated software if possible to see if that is causing the conflict. If it is, contact that software's company for assistant in resolving this.

  10. Non-standard browsers. Our site is designed and tested for Internet Explorer and Netscape and follows internet standards supported by both. If you are using another browser, please try either Internet Explorer or Netscape to see if the problem is resolved. If not, you will need to contact the customer support for your non-standard browser for technical assistance. If you can log in with IE or Netscape but not another browser, there is little if any help we can offer.

If you have tried all these and still can't login, please submit a trouble ticket to us by going to Be sure to include the following information so that we may best try to help:

  1. Your username
  2. A detailed explanation of what you have tried above that didn't help.
  3. What Browser you are using.
  4. What security software you are using.


Last update: 08:14 AM Sunday, November 11, 2007

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