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How To Post Pictures
  Author: Gary L Mace (Venturous)
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Not sure if this will help anyone or not but here are some step by step tips on using Photobucket to store your digital photos and then displaying those photos on this message board.

Create a free account on Photobucket by using this link:

Fill out the register form. Be sure to select FREE account.

You will recieve in a few moments, an email to complete your registration. Click the link in the email to complete registration.

Now, when ready to upload new pictures, go to then log-in using your username and password.

After logging in, you will be taken to the page in which you can upload your pictures. Click on the BROWSE button to find the picture on your harddrive that you wish to upload. After selecting that picture, click Submit.

Near the bottom of the page will now be a thumbnail of your photo. Under the thumbnail, you will see several boxes with code in them. Left click one time inside the box labeled Img. Next, RIGHT click one time inside this same box. A pop-up menu will appear. From this menu, left click Copy. This now places this link into your windows clipboard.

Now, return to this forum where you wish to display your photo inside of a forum post. When you get to where you want your photo to appear, RIGHT click inside the forum editor. From the pop-up menu, select PASTE. The proper code to display your photo should now appear.

Hope this helps a little.

Last update: 07:53 AM Sunday, July 24, 2005

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