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Part Numbers 101
  Author: Forum Posts, Neil & Pete
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I've received a few emails asking if a certain part can be replaced with another with a similiar part number. This is what I've found poking through the parts fiches over the years...
A typical Yamaha part number (excluding fasteners, 0 rings etc)
will look something like this........
26H-25366-01-00 CLUTCH, HUB.
The 26H prefix is the model this was originally designed for....however subsequent models may still use the same part...and the same part number. This example is the hub with the pins that fits in the rear wheel...designed for the 1983 Venture, still same part for 2008 Venture!
The "25366" is the part identifier, the numeric equivalent of clutch, hub. No spelling mistakes with numbers.
All Yamahas using a clutch, hub will have that identifier in the part number.
An 2005 FJR1300 for example has a part number of 5JW-25366-00-00 for the part....different part, won't fit a Venture.
If Yamaha calls the part a different name, it will have a different identifier number (ie oil filter thats spin on vs element have different identifiers).
The parts start out with 00 after identifier, if a change to part is made it becomes a 01 then a 02 etc. so you may see a
26H-25366-01-00 (replaces 26H-25366-00-00) in a parts listing. Sometimes that number also is for color specification (fairings etc...)


Good job Neil. We'll test ya to see if you can figure out something on the hardware side now Laughing.

95807-06040-00 BOLT, FLANGE

Peter Behm
Venturer #67

Dunno Pete...I presume you can decipher bolt size, length and pitch from their numbering.

You done good.
Size and length are the second set of numbers. 6mm x 40mm.
Here are a few of the basics for these types of part numbers.

9 is the first number

2nd # tells you what it is.
0= various types
1= cotter pins etc.
2= screws etc.
3= oil seals, o rings etc
4=spark plugs
5= bolts and nuts
7= ISO bolts
8= ISO screws and nuts

Next two digits tell you what material. Steel plastic etc.

Next digit is the finish. Chrome, Zinc etc

First two digits of the second set of #'s are the diameter(mm)

Next three digits are the length.

Last two digits are just fill.

Peter Behm

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