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Tool Size/Torque Spec List
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Below is a list of tool sizes and torque specifications commonly used while working on your Royal Star Venture.

RSV Torque Specs & Tool Sizes

Rear Wheel, Brake, Shock and Swingarm Area:

Fastener-----------------------------------Torque-------------------Tool Size

Rear Axle Nut-----------------------------110 ft lb----------------27mm or 1-1/16
Rear Axle Pinch Bolt----------------------13 ft lb----------------12mm
Caliper Mounting Bolts ------------------29 ft lb-----------------12mm
Caliper Bracket to Swingarm------------29 ft lb-----------------12mm
Brake Hose to Caliper--------------------22 ft lb-----------------12mm
Brake Disc Mounting Bolts--------------17 ft lb*----------------6mm hex
Final Drive Fill Plug-----------------------17 ft lb----------------17mm
Final Drive Drain Plug--------------------17 ft lb----------------17mm
Final Drive to Swingarm Nuts ----------30 ft lb----------------14mm
Speedometer Sensor Bolt ---------------11 ft lb
Upper Shock Nut ------------------------43 ft lb
Lower Shock Nut ------------------------36 ft lb-----------------17mm
Relay Arm to Frame Nut ---------------36 ft lb----------------14mm
Connecting Arm Nuts (Dog Bones)---36 ft lb----------------17mm

Left Pivot Bolt----------------------------72 ft lb
Right Pivot Bolt -------------------------51 ft lb
Right Pivot Locknut---------------------72 ft lb

*Loctite (Blue) recommended by Yamaha

Front Wheel and Brakes:
Fastener--------------------------------Torque------------------------Tool Size

Front Axle--------------------------------56 ft lb---------------------22mm or 7/8
Front Axle Pinch Bolt------------------13 ft lb-----------------------6mm hex
Brake Disc Mounting Bolts-----------17 ft lb* --------------------6mm hex
Caliper Bracket to Fork Bolts--------29 ft lb---------------------12mm
Caliper to Bracket Bolts---------------18 ft lb----------------------6mm hex
Brake Hose to Caliper-----------------22 ft lb---------------------12mm

*Loctite (Blue) recommended by Yamaha



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