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Easier Access Tire Valvestems.
  Author: Kenneth Thompson (Pudge)
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A week or so ago, I had a couple new tires installed, and after some discussion here, I decided to have my factory right angled valve stem on the back wheel turned to the right side and angled toward the rear at about 45 degrees when the stem is at the bottom center. I also decided to have an angled stem mounted in the front wheel, also facing the right side, and with the stem facing forward at about 45 degrees when the stem is near the bottom center.

This allows the stems to be on the high side of the bike when the bike is on the side stand and significantly (in my opinion) improves access to the stem for checking psi and correcting air pressure in the tires. There was a concern that having the rear stem face the brake rotor would complicate things, and it would if the stem faced outward at 90 degrees. The rotor does interfere with my big hands getting to the valve stem, but the only thing I had any trouble with was replacing the valve stem cap after I was finished with my pressure checks.

Having the stem on the "high" side is much better than on the low side when the bike is on the side stand. I still find it necessary to lie down to really have good access, but on the high side, I can see the stem very well and access it with every kind of pressure gauge I own, as well as getting the air chuck in place to add air. It was a bit of a challenge to replace the cap on the stem when I was done, but I am glad I made this change.

The front tire really works well with this change. The end of the stem is easily accessed, and there is room for me to get my hand in place to replace the cap easily. I also recommend this change, as long as you remember to angle the stem at about a 45 degree angle to the wheel. I have included some pictures to show how this works. BOD, if there are too many pictures, edit them as necessary. If anyone has questions, ask away.

Front Tire Stem Access

Front Tire Pressure check with conventional gauge

Front tire Pressure check with E-Z gauge (A WONDERFUL thing to have!)

Rear Tire Stem

Rear Tire Pressure Check with conventional gauge

Rear Tire Pressure Check with another type of gauge

I hope this is helpful to all of you...
So long ..... Pudge
Southeastern New Mexico
Venturer since July, 2003
AMA #732766


Last update: 07:36 PM Tuesday, April 5, 2005

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