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Painting Engine Cooling Fins
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Painting Engine Cooling Fins

By Jeff Rock

I got bored the other day and tried this modification that the K&N factory repesentive had done on his 99 Venture. It didn't sound too hard so I tried it myself and really like the change it made to the engine on my 99. It involved two cans of PJ1 Coatings high temperature black wrinkle paint, 500 degree F. two rolls of masking tape, one 1/2" and one 2" roll.

I then painted the four fake fin covers with the allen screws in place, allowing them to dry for the same amount of time. This is the hardest part; not riding the bike for 48 hours.

After the paint dried, I used a Dremel tool with a course sanding cylinder to remove the black paint on the outside edges of each fin. Then I went over it again with a 120 grit sanding cylinder. I guess you could use emery cloth, but it would take a lot longer and the Dremel really made it easy. Then just reinstall the fin covers and you're done. I had to remove the tank so I could paint the engine braces on each side of the bike.

Paint was purchased at the Yamaha dealer. Just be sure to let it cure for 48 hours. Use a Dremel tool and 80 grit sanding cylinders for the first pass on the fin edges. Follow up with the 120 grit cylinders. This gives you a smoother finish. If you nick up the paint in an unwanted area just spray some paint into the lid of the paint can and dip in a small brush to touch up the nick.









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