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Chroming Engine Cooling Fins
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Chroming Engine Cooling Fins

By Kent Ailes

Well I was bound and determined to get my fins chromed and I was trying to avoid painting between the fins. A local shop that did Titans chrome said they would give it a try but no guarantees. They ended up pretty good with just a slight discoloration in the center which may be related to my not taking the bushings out before chroming (I did ask first and if you are planning to paint I would leave them in). I used some RoadHouse chrome cleaner on them and the discoloration is just about gone. As of now I'm going to stick with them this way unless cleaning them turns into a real chore (water spots). This ended up costing as much as the chrome and paint exchange option at Yamaha of Cucumonga.

If I had it to do over again I would have taken the bushings out of the fins. I was told they could stay in and if you were planning to paint that would probably be o.k. The chrome took on the entire units as I had hoped but I think the bushings contributed to some discoloration inside the fins near the bushings. I hit them once tonight with some RoadHouse pipe cleaner and they look pretty good now. I'm going to give them one more going over in the morning before installing. My backup plan was to paint the insides if the chrome did not fully take but since it held throughout I'm going to keep them all chrome.


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