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Intake Boots - Need Replaced?
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Intake Boots - Need Replaced?
Discussion from members forum.

I noticed that several earlier second generation ventures have cracked (weathered) intake manifold boots. Has any had any problems with these and replaced them?
Thanks Bob

My RSV is a 99,bought brandy new,and now has 126,000 plus miles on it.The rubber manifolds have had cracks in them for the last five years,but do not leak.They are surface only.To check em to see if they are leakin,simply spray alittle carb cleaner around the cracks while the engine is runnin at idle and warmed up.If the idle changes when ya do this,then ya have a vacuum leak and they have to be changed.If nothin happens to the idle when ya do this,then all is well. Dave!!!

I replaced my 1999 boots in 2004 because of huge cracks.

My dealer ordered the boots under warrantee and I did the removal/install.

Although mine had huge cracks from the outside, there wasnt a single crack showing on the inside even after considerable bending and stretching the boots. A little black RTV pushed in with your finger should make them look better if you don't replace them

Don (BamaYama) Roden

In case you've never seen these boots off the bike they have a metal sleeve INSIDE the rubber. So, even if the cracks were severe it wouldn't affect engine performance. Had mine replaced last year on my 99. Mechanic showed me the old ones. don't know why they are rubber AND metal. After I changed mine, the bike had a licorice smell to it when the engine got hot. Never did completely go away!

I'm wondering if anyone has had a backfire problem on decceleration that has changed or repaired these boots and the backfire went away. I'm planning to remove mine next month and do a repair/replace. Maybe a waste of time, no?

I had the decel backfire, and it went completely away when I plugged the AIS system as described in the tech library. Several of us have done that and it cures the decel backfire problem. It's my understanding that since the boots have a metal lining, they won't likely be leaking unless it's where they connect. The AIS introduces oxygen into the exhaust to help burn unburned fuel that escaped the combustion process. When things are all hotted up, that causes the decel popping. It's pretty annoying, but plugging the AIS cured it for me!

So long ..... Pudge

I really doubt that it's the boots. They are more of a cosmetic nature.
The AIS mod will do the trick.

Don (BamaYama) Roden

There are two metal sleeves in each boot.
One from the engine and one from the carbs.

They don't overlap, and there is an area of around an inch or so in the middle where the boot is rubber only. This gives a little flex to the mounting and helps islolate the carbs from the engine heat and vibration.

Don (BamaYama) Roden

Thanks for the info, guys. Looks like I will be doing the AIS thing, then. I knew the metal sleeves didn't connect, so I assumed they were the prob. Any long-term effects from plugging the AIS?

None for me, if you consider about 2 1/2 years as long term. That's not terrible long, and there are undoubtedly some here with more experience. I've not heard anyone report any negative consequences from plugging the AIS. There are a few who have removed the complete system and plugged the lines from the cylinders. I've not ever been told of a negative consequence. If someone knows of any, I would also like to hear them.
So long ..... Pudge

I cut one of my old ones in half today. The shiny part on the top and bottom is the only metal.

I replaced mine because of what looked like bad cracks only to discover it was a waste of time and money. I guess we can all learn from it though. The cracks have to be pretty severe to get through all of the rubber. Here's a shot of one of mine.

Peter Behm
Venturer #67

Thanks alot guys I will probably leave mine alone. My bike aslo has the backfire on decel, any know what causes it, and what is the correct way to eliminate it?
Thanks again Bob

Bob, probably your AIS as others mentioned. Might consider plugging or removing it as shown here:


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