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How To Change Fuel Filter
  Author: Peter Behm
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Start out by turning the fuel petcock to off. Remove the side covers as shown here.

Loosen the plastic clamp so you are able to unplug the fuel pump at the connection shown here.

Remove the two bolts above the fuel pump that hold it to the bracket. Pay close attention to the two plastic clamps that hold the fuel lines. It's easy to lose track of which hoses they went to (at least it was for me). Push the fuel pump off to the left and out of the way. The pictures below should help with the clamp locations.

Next remove the rollover valve which is also pictured above. There is a nut on the backside of the screw which I was able to hold  by hand but it if you need a wrench it's an 8mm. Push the valve off to the left along with the other hoses that are running through there. The fuel filter is now accessible. The filter is held in place with two metal tabs that fit into the rubber boot around the filter. Just pull out on the filter and it's off.
Remove the two clamps and then the inlet and outlet lines from the filter. A little container underneath is helpful to catch the gas that runs out from the lines and filter. There isn't much but it saves a little cleanup later. The next step is to put the rubber boot on the new filter and reinstall. 
Here is the new filter.
The filter does have an arrow on it showing the correct direction for the fuel flow. It's kind of hard to see in the picture but it should go in the bike with the arrow down like this. The rubber boot also has two different sides. The side which is flat goes towards the back against the metal bracket.
To reassemble just reverse the procedure. The only problem I had was trying to get the metal tabs back into the boot. It's kind of a cramped fit with the right tab. A little lube on the tabs and the boot and filter went right on.

Last update: 04:46 AM Tuesday, March 22, 2005

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