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HD Screamin' Eagle Mufflers
  Author: James Scott Reischling (Scottay)
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Here are the Screamin Eagle pics. Sorry 'bout the quality...had to shoot 'em inside the Star hangar due to rain.

Pipes 2
Pipes 3 


Looks like you've used the OEM muffler's front shields? If so, how'd you attach them??

Okay, the O.E.M. heat shields were carefully cut and forcefully persuaded (removed) by first cutting the welds with a Dremel tool. I used 6 heavy duty cutting discs. The welds needed to be cut completely away from under the shield and ground down for a finished look. The tech pages show the rest of the procedure. Note: I destroyed the stock pipes in doing this. I had the shields installed on the stock RK pipes and they fit perfectly, however, the Screamin' Eagle pipes are smaller in diameter, so I had to overlap the cut edges by clamping them down for a tight fit. Next, I drilled three holes in each shield while clamped to the pipe and used stainless steel screws to securely attach them. Use a drop of red Loc-Tite on each screw when installing. The inlet pipes on the Screamin' Eagles are a little longer than the stock RK muffs, so I highly recommend using the shields if you do this installation.

Another question, please.

Are these muffs constructed internally like the standard RK or Ultra Glide muffs? The stock RKs have a large internal donut shaped ring surrounding the center perforated tube near the front of the muff, a small solid baffle near the front of the center perforated tube, and another small solid baffle near the rear of the center perforated tube. Is the Screaming Eagle muff different from that, and if so, how so? Can you see all the way through the SE muff from front to back?

The Screamin' Eagle pipes are almost straight through with internal baffles and two-one inch outlets. I also have a 1/2" hole drilled next to those. It appears that there is a slight bend inside near the inlet, however, I could still see daylight when looking through them. I like the sound...much better than all the mods on the stock RK pipes (which I've done to level 3).


Scottay, do you have the p/n for those pipes? Are they shorties, touring or softtail? Can you tell me the lenght of them? They look sweet, and I would like to add a set to my 2 sets of modified R/K's and one set of stockers. Thanks

The part # stamped on the pipes is 64910-99 but the H-D accessories book has them listed as part # 64903-00.


Thanks very much for the good info, Scottay. How would you describe the difference in sound between the Screamin' Eagles and the level 3 RKs?

The sound of the Screamin' Eagle pipes is more aggressive and deeper than the level 3 RK's. At slow speeds when you crack the throttle, it has a very nice deep bark...kinda of like the sound of a big twin. At cruising speed, they have a deep rumble and when you twist it on, they definitely let people know your coming. Even my H-D "Buds" say they sound great. I can also hear my radio at cruising speed (70-80 mph.)


I would LOVE to be able to hear those Screamin Eagles on the bike. Care to share with us model number you got and how much you got them for? How about mounting. Do they mount similar to the stock Road Kings with just a few minor alterations?

Got the "Screamin' Eagle" slash downs for a 2004 "RK" on EBAY for $172.00. I used the "hockey stick" brackets I designed for the "RK" pipes (see the tech library). I've been running the modified stock "RK's" (modification #3) for the last year after trying out the Samson slash cuts for about 2000 miles. I gotta tell ya', the sound is great... they've got a nice deep rumble on the cruise, and when you get on the pipe, they definitely "BARK". They've got a real nice note when you blip the throttle too! Note for the timid: They are louder than the modified "RK's", but it's a good loud in my book. The slash down really adds a lot to the overall style too. Mounted the stock Yamaha heat shields for that little extra bit of detail.

Scott, I got my Screamin' Eagle pipes on. Good call. I love them.  At idle they have a very mild deep rumble. While driving on the freeway at 65 or 70mph, they have a barely noticable deepness to them. But if I twist the throttle, the have a nice growl. When I downshift, they rumble very nicely. And when I accelarate quickly, they outright bark! These should work perfect for me. They allow me to still hear my music while cruising, yet still have some attitude to them.. 

On mine, I cut off about on inch from the inlet side and cut the split a bit further back. I then used my mounting brackets that I cut off my stock Venture mufflers and riveted that one and used the existing hangers. I also riveted the stock heat shield on. -Gary Mace








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