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Another muffler modification - by Bob56
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Another modification - by Bob56

Here's what I did to my mufflers to hear the sweet sound of the RSV without making it too loud. I have to give some credit to both Don and VDave for helping out.

First I was considering Don's adjustable modification. When I got into it and obtained more info I also checked with Dave to see what he had done.

Here's what I did. I ground off the weld holding the cone to the rear baffle plate and removed the cone. I cut out the rear baffle plate with a hole saw. Then I removed the exhaust pipe that is tack welded to the second baffle by pulling, moving it around and twisting.
Now I had a straight through exhaust. It was way too loud for me. I then temporarily installed just the cone to see what that would sound like. It gave a better, deeper, less hollow sound, but was still too loud for me. For reference, this sounded much like a set of broken in Bubs. I cut off pieces of the removed exhaust pipe and inserted them into the cones. OK, I was close. I just kept trimming off a little more pipe until I got the sound I was looking for. I welded the about 5" pieces of exhaust pipe back into the cones and attached the cone to the muffler with rivets. By drilling out the rivets it can be made quieter by adding more pipe or louder by removing more pipe. It would take a sharp eye to notice that the rivets are not stock.


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