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Replacement Pads
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Replacement Pads

Do not assume these part numbers are 100% correct. Verify the correct application before purchasing.

Yamaha EBC Ferodo SBS DP
Front 4WM-W0045-00-00 FA179HH FDB781 663HF
Rear 4NK-W0046-00-00 FA123 FDB337R 590LF DP409

Note: The rear pads on the second generation Venture are the same as the front and rear pads on the 86 thru 93 Ventures and are available from JC Whitney for considerably less money than the EBC pads. The front RSV pads are the same as the front on the 95-99 XV 535 Virago, which are also available from Whitney listed under the xv535 virago, but not listed for the RSV.

Friction Rating. Ever noticed two letters on the end of a pad? Normally it is GG or HH. Friction rating is measured by the torque produced (directly related to friction) of a pad material rubbing at a defined load against a cast iron drum. The torque is measured cold and hot and the friction level equates to a letter. Letter A is low friction, letter H is the highest. So a HH pad is more powerful hot and cold than a GG pad.



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