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Adjusting headlight/passing lights
  Author: Daveb
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Q: What is a good way to adjust the headlight and passing lamps?

A: Don't know if this will help ya out or not, but what I do is place my scooter 25 feet from a wall, door, or whatever, on level ground and with the bike as straight as possible.Have someone sit on the bike to get it straight. Measure from the center of the headlight, and make a mark on that wall or whatever, the same height. That will be the high beam target. Then I make a mark on the wall where the center of the low beam aligns. Next I line up the passin lamps to that mark, but spread apart, slightly left and right, respectively of center. That way ya can see the center line and the gutter line on the travel lane of the road you're drivin on. Dave!!!!


Last update: 05:11 PM Thursday, July 21, 2005

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