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Removing the Lowers
  Author: Peter Behm
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The only tools you will need are phillips screwdriver and a 4mm hex wrench. The right lower will need to be removed first as it overlaps the left one at the bottom under the radiator.
This outer screw needs to be removed on both sides.
It's easier to remove the bottom fastener now before removing the other screws. The head is a phillips and it will unscrew a little ways then the whole fastener can be pulled out.
There are now just two screws remaining that hold the lowers on.
With all the screws out the only thing remaining to do is gently pull the tab out of the grommet. The other lower has the same tab. Also notice how the right side overlaps the left.
To install, just reverse the procedure.

Last update: 10:00 PM Monday, February 7, 2005

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