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Clarion 6 CD Changer Options
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The following is a collection of information taken from various messages posted to the Venturers forum regarding the 6 CD changers.

Question: Is the CD changer offered by Yamaha the only one that is compatible with the Royal Star Venture?

Answer: No. There are several models that will work. Known compatable models include model numbers DC-625, CDC-635, and RDC-634. Clarion uses a few different type cables with the CD changers. The most important thing to remember is the RSV requires the C-Bus cable. Be sure that whatever model you do get, you get one that includes the C-Bus cable. See photo below to see what the C-Bus cable looks like.

Question: I'm sure this subject has come up before. I want to install the Clarion 625 changer in the trunk. Is it best to mount it on the bottom of the trunk, or on the front side wall?  Any info would be appreciated.


Most of us who have mounted it in the trunk have mounted it vertically against the front wall (where the mesh pocket is). There is a rubber plug in the bottom of the trunk that you can cut a hole in to feed the cable from the changer to the front of the bike.

I recently changed the way I have mine mounted. I removed the mesh pocket. The changer now sits directly against the wall. I then used a few "zip ties" routed thru the inner most holes that the pocket used, around the changer, to keep it tight to the wall. I then reinstalled the mesh pocket, only utilizing the four outer holes to reattach the pocket to the wall.

This method has reduced the frequency of skips substantially...but in my opinion, it still skips too much. I'm still fine tuning the mount.

If you'd like pictures of my mount, I can provide them. If you come up with a better way of mounting it, let us know.

Semper Fi!

Alan, many here have mounted theirs in the trunk. A lot of folks are using velcro and sitting them on a foam instead of using the mounting brackets. This is said to reduce the amount of skipping. Here are couple pictures of members trunk installations.


Question: How would I mount the CD changer in a saddlebag?


I mounted my CD changer in the right saddlebag. I used a RDC-634 I found on eBay for $31.

To do this, I removed the fairing front, the gas tank, the right passenger foot rest and the passenger footrest backing plate.

You will need to drill a hole in your saddlebag in order to route the cable. I found a 7/8" hole was needed in order to fit the C-Bus cable end through it.

Next, I cut pieces of thick foam for my changer to sit on. I opted to mount it loose instead of using brackets to reduce the amount of skipping. This seems to have worked well as I rarely have skipping. I covered the hole with clear shipping tape for now. I hope to find a rubber grommet or plug to use instead later.

Next I routed the cable along the frame, and under the footrest backing plate. Be careful here to get the cable secured as you do not want it to get caught around the caliper or in the wheel!

Next, I routed the cable under the footrest backing plate, up under the drivers seat, then along the frame under the gas tank, and finally along the wiring harnesses that goes into the fairing. Once in the fairing, I found the C-Bus plug coming from the RSV sound system and plugged my changer cable into it. If you bought one of the cheaper compatible models instead of the pricey Yamaha version, you will have a lot of extra cable. Simply roll and tie it up inside the fairing. There is plenty of room to do so.

Now, test it and if all is good, put everything back together. I have found this saddlebag installation to work very well for me. It rarely skips and I still have plenty of usable space in my saddlebag for my rain gear and such. I found that a first aid kit from Walmart worked pefectly for helping to hold the cd changer in place. This is something we should consider carrying anyway.

In case you wonder why I didn't mount in my trunk. Well, unlike several members, I could not fit the cd changer as well as both of our full faced helmets. It was close but with all three, it pushed out a lot on the trunk sides. I guess maybe our style helmets are just a bit larger than some. I hope this helps.

Gary Mace 'Venturous'

I mounted mine vertically in the trunk for about a year but like Gary mentioned I found there was no room for helmets. About 6 months ago I mounted the CD changer horizontally in a block of packing foam I cut out for it and secured it with a velcro strap. Now if I want to stow helmets I unplug the player, undo the velcro and store it in the saddlebag. The link below has a picture, it's very simple and works well for me. Normally stowing helmets is not a problem, my usual headgear is next to the CD player.  - Gunny


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