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Removing Front Speakers
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Removing Front Speakers

To remove the front speakers from a Royal Star Venture, remove the fairing front as described here

Fairing Removal Instructions

  1. Place the motorcycle securely on the side stand. Protect the front fender with a blanket or other covering.
  2. Remove the chrome front cowling cover by first removing its two mounting screws. Lift up each end of the cover, then push the center of the cover in and carefully lift the entire cover upward. The cover has tabs that insert into slots in the fairing. Do not use excessive force or the tabs can be broken. See Figure 1.
  3. Remove the six screws now exposed along the bottom of the windshield. Lift the windshield upward and remove it. See Figure 2.
  4. Remove the screw at the bottom of the chrome headlight ring and also the six screws which hold on the front of the fairing. Lift the front of the fairing off. If you already have the passing lamp kit installed, you will have to loosen the two screws holding the mounting bar to the lower triple clamp or there won't be enough clearance. This is where a 6 mm ball end allen screw driver comes in real handy.








Then simply remove the screws holding the speakers in place.


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