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Driving Lights
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Driving Lights

One of the more useful accessories you can add to your new Venture are driving lights, or as Yamaha calls them, passing lamps. There are actually two parts to this accessory, the light kit (part no. STR-4XY35-10-00) and the mounts (part no. STR-4XY35-40-00). Yamaha recommends that your dealer install this kit and some owners would agree based on the difficulties experienced trying to do it themselves. Since the installation involves removal of the fairing, the faint of heart should probably just pay the dealer to do it.

Instructions are included with the kit, so they will not be repeated here. However, there are a couple of important points to keep in mind.

  • You should always fuse any electrical accessory in order to prevent damage caused by burning wires in the event of a short.
  • The fuse should be as close to the battery as possible to minimize the length of unprotected wire.
  • The fuse should be easily accessible for replacement or inspection.
  • Always use a wire guage suited to the current load of the accessory.
  • High current accessories, such as driving lights, should be switched through a relay.

    In the case of driving lights, there should be a switch in the circuit to turn them off. This switch should be easily accessible while driving and it should also be illuminated so you can find it quickly in the dark. It is quite annoying and dangerous to be fumbling around looking for the switch with traffic approaching and flashing their high beams at you.

    The owner of the motorcycle on the right has opted to go for increased performance and probably saved some money too, by using the Yamaha mounting bracket and some Bosch lights. These are very powerful lights and really light up the road. They are probably too powerful to use for visibility to oncoming traffic, even in daylight. However, I believe night time visibility is the most important factor for installing them.

    As mentioned previously, there are several options for wiring your lights, depending on how you want to use them. Below is a diagram of the most common method. The relay coil is connected to the main fuse panel ACC circuit so that they can only work with the ignition turned on. To make the lights turn on only when the high beams are on, connect the left side of the relay coil to the high beam wire.



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