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Headlight Visor Installation Instructions
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Headlight Visor Installation Instructions

By Jeff Rock and Dan Lowery

The instructions sent along with the Headlight visor are for the Royal Star and do not provide any information about the mounting on a RSV. This should help to clarify the correct process to perform this task.

If you have passing lamps installed they need to be removed. To do this locate the two 6mm allen head bolts at the bottom of the fairing where the light bar mounts. The only way to access them is with a 6mm ball end allen wrench. Before removing the bar form the mount completely place a coat or blanket on the fender. The passing lamps have to sit there and you don't want to scratch the fender. After the lamps are removed you can start on splitting the fairing.

As you sit on the bike you will notice four allen head bolts on each side of the fairing facing you. Refer to the 2nd generation tech section fairing drawings and removal procedure for additional details.

You want to remove the top bolt on each side first. This allows you to remove the chrome trim at the base of the windscreen on the front of the fairing. Be careful removing this, because it has tabs that can be broken if pried on with too much force. Just apply gentle pressure, it will come off. If you start removal and reinstall in the center and work out wards it is supposed to be easier. Push in, towards the rear of the bike at the base and apply pressure back and up at the same time. The top will come loose first, work to the outside. When the top is completely loose, roll it back towards you and the bottom center tab should roll out of its socket.

When this piece is removed it exposes the windscreen bolts, leave them alone until you remove the remaining six bolts on the reverse side of the fairing.

With these remaining fairing bolts removed you can now loosen the windscreen bolts. Remove all but one, and for the last one have someone hold the windscreen while you remove it. This will prevent any potential that the windshield topples over while you are removing the last bolts.

After the windscreen is removed you have one allen head bolt on the bottom side of the headlight chrome piece above the front fender. Take it out, but steady the fairing with the other hand. Once this is moved you can separate the fairing halves. This will expose the headlamp assembly.

After you split the fairing to access the head light assembly, you'll find a metal ring that fits around the light its self. This ring has tabs that can be bent, or opened up to accept the visor. The visor its self has an offset lip that will fit within this ring. If you look at it you will see it has a split at about the two o'clock position to enable it to fit around the mount bracket. Pop it off then reinstall with the visor lip inside it. It will require some finesse to get it back on.

Slip the visor into the ring and attach the pair to the headlight bending the tabs back to their original position with the visor in tow. This should stop the visor from slipping.

Reverse the procedure to put things back together. Just be careful not to over tighten any of the allen bolts, just snug them to the same feel on the allen wrench that it took to remove them. Also use caution with the windscreen chrome piece as mentioned, and watch the windscreen that you don't drop it.


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