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Assorted 1st Gen Venture Part Numbers
  Author: Jeffer
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Assorted Yamaha & Aftermarket Part Numbers, submitted by Jeffer
Taken from the web page, before the server change so not sure if it has been moved over since then. Thanks to Dave B, Denden, Dave ?, Neil86, James, and many others. I have tried to compile and keep this current.

VentureLine Part numbers
can be found on this thread....(historic info) 
These are parts list/numbers I have kept...(note: Yamaha part numbers in italics)

- Front brake line replacement from Precision Performance 4725 28th Street North, St. Petersburg, FL 33174
1-43" inch line PN 036743 Clear Coated DOT SS Hose 33.95
1- PN 035955 3/8-10mm Male TRT 8.99 (order the gaskets at the same time, 3.10 for a package of ten.)
1- PN 035956 3/8 10mm Male SS Banjo 8.99

Master cylinder rebuilt kit 2KW-W0099-00 (Clutch side only)

Cooling System
- Front Cylinder Gates # 11601 /Napa
-Rear Cylinder Gates # 09821 /NAPA
-Upper rad. hose Gates # 8722/NAPA
-S hose under the rad. Gates # 20521 /Napa 7333
-Radiator cap Stant 11227 or 227. (It has a spec.of 13lbs pressure) Autozone cap CST 7513
- Coolant Elbow 26H-12446-00-00
- Coolant Elbow O-ring 93210-27778-00 (2 req'd)
- Stant #13758 Thermostat
- T Stat O Ring 93210-45511-00 qty 1
- Thermostat seal 11H-12412-00
(there is a question if this really the correct seal for the stock thermostat)

Valve cover grommet 2GH-1111G-00-00 (these are for the valve cover bolts, 16 req'd)
Valve cover gasket 26H-11193-00-00

Exhaust System
- Exhaust collector 26H-14731-02-01
- Exhaust gasket 3JJ-14653-00-00 (muffler inlet )

90480-01445-00 grommets for Emblem on Windshield molding
26H-21747-00-00 False Tank cover Grommet (for front tang)
90480-118276-00 Headlight (86-93) grommet bottom
90480-114023-00 Headlight (86-93) grommet front
90480-13014-00 grommet the side cover pins lock into

Front forks
- Lower front fork bushing number 3JJ-23171-00
- Upper front fork bushing 3JJ-23125-00
- Shock upper seal 429033 (Bike Master seals)
- All Balls Fork seal kit 55-139
- O Rings for Air System on front forks 1NL-23188-00
- Lower front fork tube copper gasket (for the bolt) 2K8-23158-L0-00
- Drain screw gaskets for the front fork 122-23129-00

Fuel /Ignition/Starter
-Yamaha Throttle Cable 3 41V-26313-01-00 (84-93, 83 unique)
-Yamaha Throttle Cable 4 41V-2631J-00-00 (84-93, 83 unique)
- Napa Fuel Filter 3007 (not exact but does replace factory filter okay), alternate is 3027 Napa
- Plug wires sets 1994 Suzuki Swift (Buy for the Single Overhead Cam Engine), Bosch # 09229, Car Quest #7478
-NGK 4929 plugs (DPR8EA-9)
-Starter clutch set 11H-15580-00-00

Oil Filter
- Rivco YF-01 Oil filter adapter to change to a spin on type oil filter. <>; 59.95 plus shipping
- When using the Rivco oil filter adapter use Napa 1381 or 21381 Napa economy oil filter. Fram PH 3950

Steering head
-All Balls steering head set 22-1004 ($46.90)
- Alternate bearings for the Headset if you donít want to wait on the All Balls kit, Upper bearing BR32006, Lower bearing BR32005. Not cheaper but generally stocked at most Napa stores.

Swing arm
-Cross frame (H frame that the drive shaft runs though) Bearing BR30204 (2) Napa Number- works, did it this weekend
- Oil seal for that bearing 10958 Napa numbers (2)- for Cross shaft

Wheel bearings
- All Balls wheel bearing kit 41-6190 (2 brgs & seals)
- 93102-28022-00 Front wheel seal
-Napa Wheel seal conversion 10958 (93102-28022-00 Yamaha)
- 93306-30317-00 Front wheel bearing
-Napa bearing conversion number 6303-2RSJ Front wheel bearing
25-1334 All Balls Wheel bearing 19.34

-Battery, Napa 50-N18L-AT Battery, with sensor hole
- Radio Shack replacement speakers 40-1040 4 inch Mid range 8 ohm
-Front headset cord YA1NL-88196-00-00 (the one the headset plugs into). Available from Speed and Sport, INC. 305 Montour Boulevard Bloomsburg PA. 17815 Tele number 570-784-6831 (Shelly)

Universal Joint Cross Reference
LA Pryor has an article listing several aftermarket U joint numbers to replace the OEM one.

Original  Post Date 5/25/2009

Last update: 11:41 PM Sunday, May 24, 2009

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