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Lubricating Speedometer Cable
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I'm looking for recommendations to repair the "howling" speedometer on my '84VR. When the temperature drops below 60 it darn near sounds like a fire truck and it does this at speeds over 15mph. I more apt. to send it out for maintenance/repairs if anyone has done this. Thanks.

First try lubricating the cable....if that doesn't work, the speedometer head is might try getting some graphite or light grease in the area where the cable screws has to get around the piece that rotates with the cable.

Undo the cable from the front wheel, take the cable out and grease it. Slide the cable back into the housing. Then reconnect it at the wheel. You'll be surprised how quiet it will be. If that don't work, pull the headlite to get to the speedo connector, on the back side of the dash. joe

To solve the howl problem in my speedometer, I removed the speedometer assembly (Remove the windshield and the parking/turnsignal lights from the fairing. Then you can get to the screws that mount the instrument cluster). Then remove the speedometer from the cluster and lubricate the bushing with chain lube. I used chain lube because it's thin when it comes out of the can so it'll flow into the bushing, and then it thickens as the carrier evaporates.

Hi Lumpy,

i had the same problem, first thought it was the speed cable, but no. I took the opportunity to take out the instrument cluster when i was doing my computer display problems, sprayed some wd40 in first, then put some good old 3 in 1 general oil in, left it face down for about 3 hours and it's been as right as rain since I put a new speedo cable in with a blob of grease on the end, this helps seal the oil in.


I put some moly grease on the inside of the speedometer on the bearing where the cable comes thru and that solved the problem. Be careful with anything like WD40 at that is not a high speed lube and cause gauling.

Thanks for the suggestions. I removed the speedometer and allowed some 3-in-one oil to penetrate inside the speedometer head for a couple hours. This did the trick.


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