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Assorted Yamaha Part Numbers
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Assorted Yamaha Part Numbers

Here are some part numbers from the paperwork that came with my 93 Royale, most of it VentureLine Chrome dressup items.  Don't know if most of these can be ordered anymore;
  • ABA-26HCD-45-00 - Crankcase End Cover Accent for 83-91 Venture
  • 3JJ-23191-00-00 - Rubber Fork Boots (number was hand-written in this case, verify correctness before purchasing)
  • 26H-83550-01 - Speedometer Cable for 93 Royale
  • ABA-1NLCD-19-00 - Venture Air Dam Bra for 86-91
  • ABA-26HCD-36-00 - Handlebar Inlays for 83-90 Venture (Chrome handlebar inserts)
  • ABA-26HCD-25-00 - Custom Horn Cover for 83-86
  • 1-100 (Big Bike Parts, Inc.) - Trunk Brake Light for 86-93 (Suspect it is the same kit sold in JC Whitney today)
  • ABA-26HCD-41-00 - Gas Tank Door Trim for 83-90
  • ABA-26HCD-35-00 - Speaker Grill Bezels for 83-90
  • ABA-26HCD-30-00 - Fairing Protective Edge Trim (Chrome pieces that sit on corner edge of fairing underneath mirrors)
  • ABA-1NLCD-07-00 - Driver Floorboards for 86 (cost $469 in 1994!)
  • ABA-26HCD-32-00 - Venture Air Wings (One of the most useful accessories made, simple and effective-Check out Baker-Built Air Wings)
  • LIT-11616-XV-14 - Yamaha Service Manual for 86-93 ($45) (Still available - Ordered 6/03/99, received 7/03/99 through dealer)
  • LIT-11626-07-31 - Yamaha "You and Your Motorcycle:  Riding Tips" "Motorcycle Skill Test Practice Guide"
  • LIT-11626-08-65 - Yamaha XVZ13DE/XVZ13DEC Venture Royale Owner's Manual
  • ABA-26HCD-29-00 - Chrome Master Cylinder Cover Set
  • ABA-26HCD-31-00 - Chrome Scuff Panels
  • ABA-1NLCD-15-00 - Chrome Trunk Latch Accent
  • SBS590HF - Brake Pads
  • ABA-26HCD-34-00 - Chrome Side Panel Accent
  • ABA-26HCD-40-00 - Chrome Lever Set



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