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Hank Went To The Shed Again Today
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Hank Went To The Shed Again Today, Here's What He Came Up With!


Bob, went down to the shed today and opened up a couple of things to share with you and others:

1. Separate volume controller, used when only one has volume control, on the venture (mine at least) which has good rider but poor corider volume. place in line to driver adjust volume for corider, and use the controller to adjust driver volume. Make it with parts from radio shack or any electric parts. need 1 male, 1 female din plug set up, a dual volume rheostat (one for each speaker wire), a resistor for each speaker wire (brown, black, brown, gold (on output side)), black common to both rheostats. with whatever length of 5 wire cable (computer keyboard) split the wires to the earphones and ground. wire one side to the in and one side of the resistor, and the other to the out and other end of the resistor, common ground wired to both check for shorts, continuity and try out, install in box, or place cover on box and you have your controller.

2. What wires do you cut for the above here goes. Looking at the male din plug from the plug in side, the pins arch up left to right. the 1st 2 pins on the left are speaker (L & R), the middle one is ground (common), the next 2 are for the mic. If using a computer keyboard cable for the one end use a multimeter to find which wires to cut, as they are based on the preceding readout. remember the female has to be mirror image.

3. the LED light converter I bought is from Big Bike PN 2-357 has what appears to be a resistor (orange, orange, black, gold (output side) and a capacitor black with silver strip 1N4002GD. On a honda from bike wires are grn/yellow, brown, green and they are hooked thru the converter to the LED. Cost me $9. someone may want to build their own. I am getting the LED light bar fro JC Whitney. Hope to end up with a light system as found on my 94 goldwing SE.

4. Convert your side refectors to running lights. Get either 12v 60 MA, or 12v 55 MA (RS #'s 272-1092C, 272-1154) 2 per reflector. Remove the reflectors from the bike (4 on 83-85) 86 on (2 front) drill small hole in backside of each, wire the bulbs, (I used speaker wire and puta different connector on each wire) and 2 from the bike a hot and a ground. This requires drilling holes in radiator side pieces for the front lights and in the saddle bags (3 holes) 2 for the lights, 1 for the wiring to the lights. Run a hot wire either from a switch, or direct off the light fuse so they are on when the key is full on. I used 2 wire quick disconnect for the bags as they are removable, and standard protected spade connectors for the radiator side pieces. I also put strip lights on the back of the saddle bags, and on the removable trunk, these (trunk lights)will be replaced by the LED lights when they come in.

If I can get a copy of a picture capable program I take some poloroids of the lights and send them.

I guess this is enough unless someone is interested in rewiring the turn signals to a dual element set up so they also become running lights. Nice day out today didn't get to go for a ride still messing around with other stuff.

Take care catch ya later.


Last update: 03:14 PM Sunday, September 26, 2004

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