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Carbs - Loose plastic needle valve housing.
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Carb Problem - Rich Belfay

Here's one that I'm sure SOMEONE must have run into. I bought the '83 Royale this summer and, while I loved the ride, I couldn't help thinking that the engine seemed very rough, and lacked power at low RPMs. Changing plugs made no difference, but I did notice that #3 cylinder plug was pretty bad looking compared to the rest. I pulled the air cleaner off one day and started the bike. At slight revs I noticed that #3 needle valve was not moving at all!. I figured that the diaphram must be ruptured. Took the cover off (figured out how to get by the TORX screw!) and found out that the metal sleeve that fits into the plastic needle valve housing had come loose. I used some SUPER GLUE and re-assembled the diaphram assembly. Put it all back together and now it hums and accelerates just like I know its supposed to. Looks like an inherent design flaw that may occur from time to time. Anybody else encounter this one?



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