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Carburetor Float Repair
  Author: Daveb
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Q: I have 83 Venture (XVZ12TK). After running out of gas I was told I had a bad float in #3 carb. and can't fix it. QA; is there a different type of carb. that will work, or do I keep looking for a carburetor specialist.

A: Remove the float from the carb, dry it out thoroughly, then paint it with model airplane dope or finger nail polish and allow it to dry. Gas will not attack either of those. That should fix the problem and the float can be reused

The floats for the 83-85 have NOT been available for almost 20 years. Why??  I don't know. Hence the finger nail polish, model airplane dope trick. It works. That's what I had to do to my 83. Dave!!!

Q: Is airplane model dope the same as airplane model glue? Gary (Venturous)

A: Model Airplane Dope is NOT glue. It is a paint type substance often used to seal a pourous material, such as the tissue paper used to span the open areas of a model airplane wing. I do beleive the key ingrediant here is nitrocelulose disolved in solvent. Nitrocelous is soluable in highly polar solvents, the stinky ones like acetone and MEK(methylethyl ketone), but not in nonpolar liquids like gasoline. That is why it will work.

Some spray can clearcoats, available in paint section of major stores, are based on nitrocelulose resin, but not all. You would have to check the ingrediant list to make sure it is suitable. Nitrocelulose coatings are very popular in hobbies because it dry sands real easy and has good flow charcter for a glossy finish. - Joe (MIrider)


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