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Fuel Cells
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Fuel Cell

I have a 5 gallon fuel cell mounted on my 87 Venture. I have used the cell for approx. 60K, including during the 95 & 97 Iron Butt rallies. The cell was purchased from Summit Racing Equipment, in Ohio and is made of ABS.
I removed the trunk from my bike, then fabricated a mounting system that bolts to the existing trunk "rack". I had the rear section of the seat cut down and have the cell mounted where the passenger would normally sit. This places the weight of the fuel directly over the rear axle so as not to alter the handling of the bike. The cell is tied into the fuel system near the fuel pump, via braided lines, where I have installed a three-way valve. I run the cell empty, flip the valve handle, then depend on the stock tank and gauge. Works great!
I can remove the whole system in one piece in about 10 minutes and return the bike to accomodate the trunk and a passenger.(I have two seats) I can get about 350 miles range out of both tanks
...........Pete Withers     87/99 Venture(s)


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