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Starting Trouble
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Starting Trouble

Hey Bob! I own a 1984 Venture royale. It Has almost 80,000 mi. About a month ago I took A trip Every day the bike got slower and slower starting until I finally had to push it off to start. As the battery got progressively lower so did the reading on the voltage guage. When I returned home I took the batt. out checked the spacific gravity and it showed a very low cell."batt. 6 mo. old" I put it on slow charge overnight . The next day batt. came all the way up, put it back in bike then it showed a little over 13 volts charging . after about 1000 mi. the problem started over again. I guess I need to know how to determine if the stater is working, then I will know which way to go. Can you give some insight on trouble shooting the stater? Input appreciated Thanks bigdave

Answer - Scott MacMartin

Your windings for your generator are actually three sets of circuits. Each one individually can provide a charge for the bike. From your description, I believe that two of these circuits no longer work. The third one still works, and this allows a very weak charge when the bike is running. On the Venture, of the many possible reasons for poor charging, only one failure ever seems to happen. And this is the stator. You can verify this by either checking the circuits for continuity/resistance, or by visually inspecting the windings by removing the stator cover. The wiring diagram (wiring4) shows the details about the wiring. The johnson plug for the windings is just in front of the gas tank behind the frame member. I tracked this down by following the wire from the stator, but you can find it a little more easily since the wire colors show near the johnson plug. Replacement of this stator is fairly easy, and you can do this yourself if you wish. Or, alternately, you could have a shop do the replacement. They should charge about an hour for the removal/replacement. Some people prefer to purchase a new set of windings, while others choose to have their stator rewound. I have not heard negatively about either of these choices. Please keep me advised of how things work out. .........Scott MacMartin Ottawa, Canada


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