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Rough Running Venture
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Rough Running Venture

I just bought a 1983 Royale with 36,000 miles on it. The engine runs somewhat rough. I looked at the carb diagphrams and three of the four were not moving when I gave the engine gas. I correct this and the bike accelerates much better, but at low RPM it still runs rough. As the bike warms up it gets rougher than when cold. Could the carbs be out of synch? Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks, Keith

Answer - Greg Quesnel

Keith - The two most common things I've seen for this symptom are: 1) Carbs out of sync 2) Valves need adjustment Number two is usually accompanied by occasional backfiring/chuffing. Other possibilities could be: Old gas causing venturi to gum up. Carb seals old and cracking. Diaphragms have itty bitty cracks that allow an improper fuel air mixture. Bad plugs. Greg Quesnel 86 Venture Royale

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