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Stalling Motor
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Stalling Motor

Dear Bob, First I want to thank you for your offer to help Venture owners. I own a 1983 Venture that I bought used. It has 47,000 miles on it and is in good shape.

Towards the end of the riding season last year I started experiencing a strange fault. My engine would just cut out. This would happen at any time. I have had it happen during warm-up, sitting at a stop light, even going down the hiway. If I'm at a low RPM, such as at idle, the engine will kill. The bike does start right back up the majority of the time. The few times that it didn't start right back up it acted like the kill switch was not in run.

Now the real strange thing is if I'm at 2,500 RPM or higher, the engine will just cut out and then come right back, I do not lose the lights or indications on the console. I just feel a total loss of power and then the engine starts running again, just like if you had push started the bike and let out the clutch. The weather does not matter.

I just had the bike serviced at a bike shop. They replaced the air filter, plugs, and adjusted the carbs. The mechanic said that I could ride it this year, but next year I would need top end work. I'm very skeptical of this, with my milage being this low. The mechanic also said that he thinks that at one time the bike had been over heated. I don't believe that this is related to my problem. I really would appreciate "any" help that you could provide.

Answer #1 - Hank Yerger

Ok, according to my tech tips the 83 had problems with:
  1. Misfires: Plug wires were the culprits and were fixed under warranty Check yamaha service bulletin #M83-030A

  2. Spark plugs: recommended that fine wire plugs such as NGK DPR8EV-9, Carb sync and Fuel Air adjustments.

  3. Low power: poor accel/low power. Bad plug caps

  4. Erratic performance off idle: Bad slides or diaphragms; Tech Bulletin M85-012.

All of these can fit into the problem of dying while running. He said all was well (?) before the tuneup, so it is possible that the plug wires had enough brittleness to start cracking, or the caps leak current, since the carbs were messed with it is possible that there may be internal problems or that they are out of sync.

As to telling that the engine was over heated I don't know how he could find that unless there were cracks in the water jacket, or he had a head off and saw something. As to it needing a top end job by next season, that's as good as telling you it has overheated at some time. Anyhow I would start with the plug wires and caps and then move on to the carburetors at another shop and make sure all carb settings are as specified.

Answer #2 - Barry Webb

Bob, I just bought an 84 Yahama Venture with 33,000 miles and in great shape. One thing that the previous owner told me was that when he bought first bought the machine two years previous, it would die as he was going down the road. He determined that it had something to do with the kickstand and the switch that kills the motor if the kickstand is down and you try to put in gear. I will contact the previous owner and try to get some more info.

Barry Webb, West Monroe, Louisiana

Answer #3 - Barry Webb

I finally was able to get back with the previous owner of my Venture that had the same or similar problem that Charles Elmore was having. He said that he cleaned the contact points and wires where the switch is on the kickstand that kills the engine when the kickstand is let down and the bike is in gear. He said that after he did this, there were no more problems and I have not experienced any problems in the time that I have had this bike.

Barry Webb

Answer #4 - Dave Leonty

Possible CDI box failure. A Major pain in the ass as it is located UNDER the battery box. No mention made if the bike had been recently washed or sat in a damp garage. Only three things will prevent a gasoline engine from running. Too much or not enough air or gas or no spark. It looks like the the fuel system and air intake system checked out OK. New plugs did not help so I am still thinking CDI. Besides being in a bad spot it is quite expensive to replace.

Dave Leonty XVZ12 Royale


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