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Radiator Cap Experiment
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Radiator Cap Experiment

I told you I would tell you all about the radiator cap experiment I went thru a few months ago. I had a leaky cap which developed on the way to Datona in March for "Bike Week". Yes, I drove all the way down there and back. Actually came back from Datona to Washington DC area in one day.   It was either that or end up possibly driving in snow on the way back.

Well here are the results of my experiment: 
I first called the Yamaha Dealer figuring it would not be that much. HA what a joke, I was quoted $43.00 for a silly cap. Well, I thought that there must be a cheaper way, so I went out to the web page and found an article about replacing the cap with an aftermarket auto part. I thought that might be acceptable, but when I saw how it looked, I didn't like the look(it looked like a car radiator cap). It is silver with a bright yellow cover on the top. Not only that but it didn't fit perfectly and I wanted it to look original. So, here is what I did:

I could have just spray painted the new cap black and been done with it.  That would have been the easy way and not look original. What I did was basically disassemble both caps and exchange parts. If you decrimp the metal part that holds the rubber seal and small relief spring, you can then remove this part from the old cap and replace it with the part from the new cap. You then have to recrimp it so that it stays in place. The only thing you have to do now is put it back on the bike and it works just like new.

I have been running this rebuilt cap for 2 months now and it is perfect. 
The auto cap I used was a Stant 11227 or 227.  It has a specification of 13lbs pressure

The bottom line is that I replaced the cap for $6.99 instead of $43.00 for a savings of $36.01 and you cant't tell it from the original and it fits just like the original.

I hope this may help others......

Randy Chartier


Last update: 07:41 AM Sunday, September 26, 2004

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