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Changing Spark Plug Wires
  Author: Paul Marsh
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Q. I am thinking of changing my spark plug wire onmy 83 std ,what wire would be recomended , also does the coil end just push in and is secured with a retain nut thanks rita


Based on my experiences over the years...

Option 1
stick with your stock 7mm copper stranded wire and screw on resistor cap. you can get this wire about anywhere and has been around forever. some claim this to be a resitive wire but I don't see how plain copper wire is considered resistive---go figure. you can order new resistor caps outta and they sell the wire too... if your stock caps aren't burned up, simply reuse em.

Option 2
go to walmart, kmart, target or someplace similar and pick up a set of automotive style 7mm RFI suppressive wire. at the least get a set for a 4 cyl auto needless to say. i bought a generic set simly by choosing a set that looked like it would work. no science at all. simply use the molded on cap. you will prolly need to stop by a tune up shop somewhere and get those little screw on terminals for your bike plug... do not use the stock resistor cap,,,no need for it. simply cut to length and go...

yes-the wires push into the coil and are secured with a retaining nut..

you can reach the front 2 coil towers by reaching up under the front of the fairing. shine a flashlight up in there and you should be able to see the coil towers.

you'll have to remove the top cover, the battery and the battery box to get to the rear coil towers. might have to remove the breather cover too, not sure. been awhile.

either option is cheap!

just my .02 cents worth....

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