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Checking Out The Electrical System
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Checking Out The Electrical System - Corey Araujo (via Hank Yerger)

Hello Hank.

I'm going to suggest to you that you check a few (more) things out. You seem to have a very good grasp of things concerning your bike (Ed. That's why Hank's on our Venture Panel!). With a multi-meter, check the AC volt output at the stator wires. I realize you soldered them together, but just peel back the tape or heat shrink where you made the connections. Check from white to white, white to white, and white to white. With the bike at idle, the out put at any two wire will be around 20 AC volts. At cruise (5000 rpm's or so) it should go to 60+ AC volts. Check all three combinations. The readings should be very consistant between the pairs.

Also check each white wire to ground. You should have infinite resistance. If you have low resistance to ground the stator is shorted and needs to be replaced. If the AC output is low or inconsistant, the stator needs to be replaced. Check this out while the bike is hot.

You will need to check the rectifier/regulator also. Its an easy thing to do, but harder for me to convey how to do it. I have seen Ventures that when they get hot, the starter motor is reluctant to turn over. It starts, then stops, then will start again. They will usally start the bike after a few seconds. I beleive in that particular scenario the starter motor is at fault. Heat causes resistance.

If the starter moter is worn, (brushes generally) the starter has a hard time functioning correctly. So, the way I see this is to verify that the charging system is operating properly. Make sure the battery is fully charged. (or replace with a known good unit for testing) Inspect the starter motor for brush wear.

I am not aware of any quirks concerning the fan motor not working when the battery is bad. The only electrical "gremlins" that really come to mind with a Venture is the stators shorting out due to heat. This was a problem with early models, and is not nearly as prevalant as when the machines were first produced.

Hope this helps



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