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Battery Warning Light
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Battery Light Comes On

My wife and I were on a short trip (170) miles, mostly expressway (70 > MPH) on our 83' Venture and the battery warning light came on for several miles then went out.

Glenn, the battery light means it needs water in that one cell, check them all fill with distilled water. Your volt meter gives the baterry indication. I dont have my book but as I recall the tank holds about 5 to 5.5 gals I will check my book, Niehaus has service manuals for around $40 they are on the venture page drop them a line.


Battery Warning Light Problems

James Gavel wrote: Really enjoying my 83' Venture, however two items are starting to annoy me. One is the battery warning light and LCD display that will not clear. I have installed a new battery and new sensor, still get the warning, unfortunately the shop manual does not give a lot of suggestions on trouble shooting, basically replace the sensor and if that dosen't work replace the monitor. Any suggestions??

Answer #1 - Scott MacMartin

I hope the attached file is of some help with your battery. Many persons have complained that their battery sensor seems not to work. I am not sure why, but I am very pleased with the solution that I was able to set up. .........Scott MacMartin Ottawa, Canada

Battery Sensor

Concerning the battery sensor light staying on...the sensor does require a bit of routine maintenance-----basically a brushing off as is done to a battery terminal. hard to believe since the sensor is immersed in acid all the time but it does get cruddy looking. look up in the manual to be sure but i believe the brush off interval is about ever 3K miles hope this helps ..... paul marsh


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