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1st Gen Headlight Problem Fix
  Author: Neil86
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Part of the design of the 1st gen Venture (83-93) is the starter button has 2 sets of contacts, one for the headlight, one for the starter circuit. As you push in the starter button, the contacts open to shut off the headlight, as you push the button further in, the start circuit contacts close to engage the starter.
This was to conserve battery power for cranking.
As they age, sometimes the buttons stick a they don't fully the starter disengages, but the headlight does not come back on.
With the key off, work the button in and out and spray come WD40 around the button. I prefer sliding my thumb off the button so it snaps back out. Now try the key to see if the headlight works. If it happens on a trip, gently pulling the button out with your fingernail should restore headlight till your next restart.
If that isn't the problem..and you have headlight failures after a bump, inspect your headlight fuse clips in the main fuse box...they tend to oxidize, heat up and lose tension on the fuse ends.

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