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Gear Indicator Problems
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Q: I have a problem with my 84 royale. When I plug in the switch from the engine that tells the computer what gear your in I get a neutral light but nothing else on the computeer. If I unplug that switch then I get all the functions showing but no neutral light. The diplay tells me then that I'm in second gear until I push the start button then it reads third gear, this is unplugged remember; it should show nothing in the gear indicater spot. I've changed the gear indicater switch with no effect and I've also re soldered the back of the board in the computer but now I don't know where else to go. Any ideas from all you helpful folks would be very welcome.

A:  The gear indicator operates by grounding power from the CMS at the gear selector switch, through that spring loaded brass contact point, that rotates across the inside of the switch. If you had the switch connector unplugged, was the CMS side of the connector kept far enough away from metal that there could be no grounding occuring, giving you false gear indication?

To test the CMS, with the harness unhooked at the switch end ground each of the 6 wires (neutral+5 gears) from the CMS one at a should see a different gear display on every wire. If you do the CMS is working right. If it doesn't......check out the CMS board further. If wiring tests fine ..then something is still bad at the switch end.

Did you replace the contact point when you replaced the switch? I hate to ask this but the switch you installed is for an 84??......the 83 had only neutral light indication and only one wire to the switch.....your switch does have 6 wires connected at the switch right?


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