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CMS Removal & Repair
  Author: Roger Brown (Rbengl)
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Here are the instructions and pictures I took of this. I have a 83 Venture standard and was having the false warnings, dim headlight, and my fuel gauge would go to empty right after filling then back full again. This caused the fuel warning to come on, then go off.

First remove the windshield trim. (4 screws).

Remove the windshield. (4 screws).

There are four screws holding the hood in place. I loosened the front ones.

Then I removed the rear ones.

Then removed the hood.

Then using a 10mm wrench and a socket, I removed the 4 nuts and washers holding the instrument cluster.

I then unhooked the large connector and 3 smaller wires that connect to the instrument cluster.

I then disconnected the speedometer cable. I did this last as I could pull up a little on the cluster and get more room to unscrew the cable.

I then removed the cluster from the bike. Here is the removed cluster with all the tools I used to remove it.

Now to remove the CMS from the instrument cluster. I first removed the 4 ourter screws, then the four inner screws.

Then you remove the mounting plate.

I had to work mine out of there one side at a time. Part of the problem was the wires that connect the two pieces together, and a piece of clear plastic which is to light up the LCD at night. Here is the rear view of the removed unit.

And the front view.

All you need to do to split this is, remove 4 screws on the back and disconnect the wire between the two units. I used a pencil type soldering iron heated very hot.

I soldered both rows where the connector is soldered to the board. The iron is pointing at one row.

And here it is pointing at the other row.

Once completed, just reverse the sequence to put it all back together. Some of the mounting bolts are buried and hard to get to, but if a little patience is used, you can get to them. There are three connectors that I didn't show, and I found those hard to put back together, but again a little patience and they should be fine. Now that I had it all back together, I had to try it out to make sure I had not created a error or problem.

It took me about 30 minutes to take the instrument cluster out fo the bike. Removing the CMS from the cluster and soldering took about an hour for me. Putting the cluster back together took about 15 minutes, and returning the cluster to the bike and finishing up took about another 20 minutes. Remember I was taking pictures and taking great care.



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