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Shifter Maintenance
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Shifter Maintenance

Thought I would pass a long a word for some routine maintenance that is often overlooked.  Most common cause of balky or sticky shifting is the linkage itself. It   should be removed and cleaned whenever shifting is less than ideal. The design of the Venture transmission is such that it should shift with very little effort even when standing still.
To service, you will only need a snap ring pliers, 10 mm wrench and about 15 to 20 minutes.  Remove the assembly. Clean the shifter mount pin and the inside of the shifter thoroughly with degreaser of alcohol. Slide the rubber boots off the two ends of the shift linkage and clean. Regrease both ends of the linkage balls and the shift pin with a good water repellent grease and reassemble.
Be sure to align the indentation on the linkage splines correctly.  I guarantee easier shifting at virtually no cost. ........Steve Morris, CA


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