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Downshifting Problem
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Downshifting Problem

My bike shifts fine almost all of the time. The only time there seems to be any kind of problem is in the late afternoon, when I am coming home from work. The bike sits out in the sun all day, and when I am almost home and need to downshift, it seems that the clutch lever has slack in it and it is hard to get the bike to downshift. It seems to have plenty of fluid in it and everything. It doesn't do it all of the time, just in the late afternoon. Hope you have some ideas.   Loyd


Hi, Loyd, I have an 84 which has on occasion showed that same problem. As far as I could tell, the difficulty was that the fluid had absorbed as much water as it could, and there was a tiny fraction still "not absorbed" down in the slave cylinder. On hot days in hot traffic, the water would vapourise to a tiny bubble of "air", and the clutch would not completely disengage. Any way, what I think happened is not that critical. I bled the fluid out, and over the next two days the new fluid made itself at home, and the problem went away. The bleed screw for the clutch is under that little piece of rubber on the top of the left side of the engine. If you have not bled this before, and would like to discuss it a bit before you proceed, please drop me a note......... .........Scott MacMartin

Sounds like air in the cluthch Hyrdaulic line. As the bike gets hot the air expands and is causing the problems.... Bleed the air off and top off the fluid...wait 12 hours and repeat... Been there and done that many times...... Dave

I haven't had this problem personnaly, but I have read that as the lines age they have a tendency to balloon in places trapping air/moisture. You may have to replace all hydraulic lines to cure the problem if it persists. You can have good lines but the stuff may trap at any curves/kinks present and you will have a hard time gettin all out also This has been discussed and cussed many times on the goldwing pages, like I said Ive not had the problem. ...Hank


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