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Driveshaft Questions.
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Best Way To Grease DriveShaft?

Need a new drive shaft if available for XVZ12 since Yamaha discontinued. What is best way to keep it greased since grease fitting is of no use? If you can help me with this please e-mail.   Brand -


The only way to grease it is to take the four bolts off of the rear drive unit ( this is easy to do if the rear wheel is off anyway to be replaced), and grease the part by hand. I have some detailed descriptions as to this on the web page. ..........Scott MacMartin

Greasing The DriveShaft - What Type and How Often?

>hi scott i was just wondering what type of greese you use on the greese nipple on the drive shaft and how often you should greese it?


The nipple actually just places the grease onto the middle of the driveshaft, which is not particularly useful for the area that actually need the grease. This I discovered when my driveshaft rusted and failed. 
After that sad episode (well, not particularly sad, since driveshafts were still available at the dealership), I changed the method that I used for lubricating the driveshaft.  I use Molybdenum Disulphide grease (which is a horrible black colour). Only once did I use White lithium grease, and the wear was noticeable in a very short time.
I remove the rear axle, and then remove the four bolts that hold the right angle gear onto the swingarm. Dont worry, it is easy to put back together.  The end of the driveshaft sticks out from the driveshaft. I clean it off with a bunch of disposable paper towels, and then put grease in the hole in the driveshaft, and in the right-angle gear part. Then I reassemble.

I find this is good for about the life of the rear tire.    Hope this helps.    .....Scott MacMartin

Re: 1990 Venture Drive Shaft

The bolt that holds the drive shaft to the rear drive broke off. Have you heard of anyone having this problem???.....I am trying to find a used rear drive since I was told by my local parts guy that the only fix is to replace both of the gears at a cost that would make you cry. Thanks!


Talk about bad luck. I have never heard about that one happening before. You did not mention your location in VA but you might want to try contacting Early's Cycle in Harrisonburg Va. or Waynes Cycle in Waynesboro Va. I think they are still in operation. They might be able to help with parts or repairs. Was this bolt on the internal drive connection ? And. how did it come to be broken ?? I am just curious. I will keep my eyes open for a part, just in case. Please let me know how you make out. Good luck !  - Dave Leonty

Where To Find A DriveShaft?

I'm from Montreal, Canada and own a 1984 Royale (1200) model. My driving Shaft is finished and I have a hard time finding a replacement one. Yamaha does'nt carry this part anymore and I can't seem to find one from local wreckers. Any suggestions?       Richard Cloutier


Try Karl Nordin at:
K&N Enterprises, 348 Doverveiw Cr., S.E.
Calgary,Alberta, T2B 1Y6

Jim Kraehling

Replacement Driveshafts Available

If the driveshaft has failed, or is about to (i.e. it is obviously worn, and dry as well), the replacement driveshaft is once again available directly from Yamaha for about 130 dollars Cdn. This item had been out of production from 1993 to 1998. The replacement driveshaft installs easily with no tools.
This is in reference to the driveshafts that had failed on the 1983, 84 and 85 bikes. The item is in stock at my local dealer. If it is not in stock elsewhere, my dealer would be happy to ship it............Scott MacMartin

Pulling/Installing The Driveshaft

If all you want to do is check your drive shaft, you really don't have to remove the wheel from under the bike. There is enough room to remove the axle and slide the wheel out of the splines on the final drive and let it set on the ground to the far right. Don't forget to remove the brake caliper and mount. You can slip the caliper up into the right bag frame to keep it out of the way. Then you can remove  the 4 acorn nuts that hold the final drive in place and then just slip it all out.
Now getting the shaft back in take some patience, but it will go, just remember to leave it in gear, so it won't rotate on you.  There is a sequence that I do when putting it all back together that some Yamaha wrench told me years ago.

1. With the 4 acorn nuts on the final drive loose, assemble the drive shaft in place and then rotate the shaft until you find the spot that has the least drag or resistence. Some folks mark this spot for future use.
2.Snug the axle nut up until the axle is pulled in place and can go no further. Then tighten the pinch bolt.
3. Now tighten the axle nut 1/4 turn from snug and align the nut for the cotter pin. (1/4 turn is about the right torque without a torque wrench)
4. Now tighten the 4 acorn nuts on the final drive in a rotating pattern.

This is a trick I discovered when I got a side car and used a V-Max rear end. When I would drop the car, I would put my Venture drive back in, and the the reverse for when I put the car on.
Oh, and for you guys with 83-85 Ventures. I sure bet that a late model final drive and shaft would drop right into your bikes? It would sure be worth checking it out with a friend with a 86 or later on some cold rainy Sunday. Also, the 83-85 had the same final drive that was in the 750,850 triples and the 1100 Specials, where it was changed in the 85 V-Max that went into the 86 Ventures.........Later,  Rick Butler


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