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No 4th or 5th Gear Help
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No 4th or 5th Gear

My name is Kelly Shover, I live in Fairbanks, Alaska. I have a wonderfuly maintained 1984 Venture. One day after a short trip I came home and shut the bike down. When I restarted to give my nieces and nephew a ride I noticed I no longer had 4th and 5th gear, I talked to a few other venture owners here locally and another had the same problem the gears just went away without warning. is there a fix for this without tearing the engine completely down and giving up my first born? How would I prevent such a incident from happening in the future, I don't ride the bike hard, I shift about 2,000-3,500rpm and rarely see the upper side of 80mph. Any help would be greatly appreatiated.


This also happened to me on a ride. 130 miles of 3d gear max of 3500 to keep everything going. The star washer is the culprit. Pull the complete clutch assembly off and you will see the shift selector. It is a series of lever and springs going over the top of the mainshaft. There is a star type washer that has SS pins that the shift lever engages. Check the star and its probably bent at the 4th gear one. No telling where the pin went on mine, pulled oilpan, and still couildn't find it. Go to dealer and order new pin and star reassemble. When putting pressure plate back on check for engagement boss or it won't work. Better yet put an alignment mark on it before tearing it apart so it lines up right. Use steel bar against clutch teath to keep it from turning when you try to break the shaft nut loose. Not a big project, should only take a couple of hours if parts are available. Hope this helps.

Hank Yerger


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