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Overheating Brakes
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Overheating Brakes

>I recently purchased a 1983 Venture Royal in great shape. The bike had not been rode for the last two years and the original braking system needed some attention. I rebuilt the calipers and mastercylinders, blew out the brake lines and replaced the pads. After filling the two braking systems and bleeding the lines I took it for a test ride. After a very short distance the pads and rotors on the universal system (front & rear) overheated and stopped the bike. I let the system cool down and re-bled the lines but experienced the same thing. It almost seems like the fluid will not return to the reservoir tank after the brake is released. Can you help?

>Tracy Newman 

The master cylinder has a tiny bleed valve to drain fluid back as it heats up, etc while the brake is not being applied.

Had this problem appear on my clutch master was cleanable right where it is. Unfortunately for you......You will have to take the rear master off the bike to clean out this hole. This hole is very tiny, and you will have to clean it out with a single bristle off of an old paintbrush. It is visible at the bottom of the reservoir.

Then your problems will go away.

....Scott MacMartin

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