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Brakes Sticking
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 Braking Problems

hi, I am the proud owner of a 1200 tdk of 83 and I'm having great problems with my brakes. I have had a new brakedisc (front) installed but it seems that the moter brakes automaticaly. I've adjusted brake pedal. The guy from the garage who in my opinion doesn't know very much of the venture, says that my brakecilinders are leaking and need replacement. This is a very costly thing (1000,- dutch guilders, about 400 USD). How can I check that my braking cilinders are indeed leaking or in need of replacement. And if so are there revisionsets available? - Remco Etten


1) -- Dave Leonty -- Your brake calipers may be starting to seize up. This is quite common in the Venture as well as others. Short of replacing the calipers you can get them overhauled It is not a huge job if you can get a XVZ12 manual. Check Neihaus cycles page. I am sure they have them in stock. There is a link on the Venture page Back to the cylinder thing..... you will have to remove the calipers from the bike. After removal, the pistons can be removed from the calipers with a little compressed air throughr the brake line fitting.WARNING!!!!!.......Put a piece of wood between the piston and the caliper or the piston will exit the caliper frame at a velocity that would impress NASA. After removal the insides of the cylinder will have to be honed smooth. This will remove the cause of the seize up...... Built up dirt and road crap! The pistons can be cleaned up and have the seals and dust boots replaced as well. I would recommend using only genuine Yamaha parts for this job. If you choose to have a shop do the repair it should be a for real Yamaha shop. Hope this is a little help to you.

2) -- Hank Yerger -- I would doubt that he needs to Replace the brake components, he may have to rebuild them of they are leaking. Normally just a few "O" rings, and this is a problem being discussed on the WOTI (Ed. Wings On The Internet), but it may be that the brake hoses need to be replaced. I am not really sure about what he means the "motor brakes automatically". As far as telling "how to tell they are leaking" look to see if they are wet and if he must conctantly replace the fluid. Best I can think of right now.

3) -- Scott MacMartin -- Is it the front left rotor that you replaced, or is it the front right rotor?? If it is the front left rotor (operated by the brake pedal), then it is very suprising that the rear disk is not also displaying problems. The only item that could affect the front disk yet not affect the back disk would be the front slave cylinder seals. These can be replaced at nominal cost (my friend and I just did this for a 750 Honda). I see a previous response has also suggested this. There is a proportioning valve in the rear brake system. However, I have never heard of this failing, and additionally, the failure of this valve would only affect the rear disk. Please excuse me for being bold, but I believe that it is the front right rotor which is the problem, and this is not operated by the foot brake. If it is in fact the front right rotor that you are having problems with, please get back to me and we can review what you have already done, and what needs to be looked at next.


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