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Removing The Fairing
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Removing The Fairing

Is it hard to remove the fairing, and then re-install it...I've been -----------------------snip--------

Its not hard but it is a pain in the ass, or can be. You have to remove the radiator side covers (2 screws), the headlight housing 83-85 (2Screws) not sure on 86 on. Remove the side covers on the engine. there is an air inlet under the headlight it also has to be removed (2 screws). You will also remove all the upper accessories (radio, CB, water bottle access), then remove all the screws holding the black panels 6 I think each side, remove the headlight adjuster knob, disconnect the 4 way flasher, the air vents by the handlebars (2-3 screws), remove the 2 mirrors, and windshield assembly.
Now you can start to remove the fairing. There should be a couple of bolts at the rear top by the seat, and a smaller one below it. behind where the radiator side grills there should be a bolt and I think a small screw, up where the headlight housing was should also be a small screw 90 degrees to the headlight. Once all these are removed the outer shell should lift off. You will then see the radio, amp and other stuff which should hang off the inner pannel. Remove the bolts and the stuff panels and all should be off.
What I have described is based on 84 royale take apart. It is mainly from memory so I may have missed a panel or a bolt or 2 but generally this is how it comes off. Don't lose the shouldered washers ($4 each) and I think there are 2 or 3 on each side. Kinda long but I hope this helps. Let me know how it goes. .............Hank


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