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Blocking Engine Heat
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Blocking The Engine Heat

Is there any way to block the heat that comes off the engine on the standard 83 through the holes in the side panels. I live in Va., and when it gets into the 90's my legs start to cook. I have installed wind wings and that helps some. Is it safe to cover the cut out areas? What do the people in other hot areas do? Thanks for your help, and keep up the good work. .........Dale Wurzer Alexandria Va.


Sure it is safe to cover the holes. The 85 did exactly that. I have seen aftermarket "chrome" inserts that do the job also. You might want to track down the sidepanels of an 85 at a wrecker, and install them on your bike. They should fit just fine. I have never covered the openings on my 1984. I have driven in some heat, including three weeks in Florida this May (with temperatures hovering in the nineties all the time), and you are correct that the heat in city driving can be annoying if you are driving in shorts - which I did occassionally there. ....Scott MacMartin

I live in Alabama and when I came back from Chatanooga a couple weeks ago with my wife, and bike totally loaded running 80 on the interstate with traffic, my onboard,outside tem gauge read 130*f. , which is the hottest Ive ever ran in.. I have chrome side panels and it sure helped to keep my legs from frying.... the bike got a little warm... but no boil overs... Grant


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