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J&M CB Install on 1st Gen Venture
  Author: Mike McManus
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I installed The new JMCB-2003 CB on my first gen Venture.
The best deal I found was at
When purchasing the unit I ordered the Yamaha mounting kit.
 The kit is for the Star bikes. To install it you remove the left mirror and bolt the mount in it's place. The mount and cb mount to the rear of the bolt and the mirror then bolts into a hole in the cb mount plate.
Well this doesn't work with the 1st gen as the clutch reservoir is a bit higher on the first gen venture than on other Yamaha Stars, so there is no clearance for the mounting plate. The bolt on our bike that has no mirror in i but  is used to hold the stereo control switch box on the venture standard with no stock CB.
This also was an obstacle. I could have found a longer bolt and used some spacers to gain clearance over the clutch reservoir but what I did instead was remove the stereo switch from it mounting tab by the 2 small screws on the backside.
I then I inverted  the mount over so the switch was down rather than above the mounting bolt. Trouble was now due to the angle of the metal piece and the switch box when mounting the cb down tight over the stereo switch it pushed down on the switch and caused trouble with the switch operation. So I removed the stereo switch and drilled a new hole in the metal bracket so it mounted the switch about a 1/4" lower. Now the CB fit well. My second problem was my bike had a single antenna and I didn't want a dual set of unmatching antennas.  I then removed the stock antenna and installed a Firefly cb antenna
with fold down mount from

I wanted to keep the single antenna so I added a CB to AM/ FM splitter
in the cable so the antenna works for both CB and stereo. I suppose the splitter takes away from the CB performance but I'm just looking for communication for group riding, not long distance talking. With the stereo input for the CB I tapped into the stereo speakers on the bike, now the music from my stereo and Ipod with fm modulator is heard in my headset along with the cb. they also have a way to connect cell phone and GPS if you like. I chose the KBC shorty helmet with built in headset, you will need the J&M 6 pin set up.
In the first photo you can see a hole in the front of the CB on the chrome mount. This is the hole they say to use to mount it but I used the hole in the back that for the mirror instead because of the reservoir being higher on the 1st gen. You can also see the new lower stereo controls position.

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